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Logo embroidery by professionals with 30+ years experience

Bring your uniforms and workwear to life with full colour embroidery.

This traditional artform goes back millenia, and for good reason.

As a sewing process embroidery will last or outlast the garment or apparel it is decorating.

When the world leading Wilcom Design System was launched in 1979, Bill Wilson, a Canadian software engineer & Robert Pongrass, an Australian badge company owner, combined resources to turn the laborious manual process of punch tape stitch by stitch creation into a computer vectorised process.

And thus, digitised embroidery was created. Their company, Wilcom invented the first ‘stitch processor’ that allowed the design to be scaled up or down, adding & removing stitches in the process automatically.

It reduced the design time & cost from days to minutes and hours.

Since then many software companies have coppied the Wilcom idea, however with patent control of the process, no one has ever matched, let alon beaten the Wilcom Design System for creativity, efficiency and most importantly, quality.

It’s that design system we use here at Signature Workwear and our sister business Hunter Embroidery & Print.

Wilcom Design Software

Our in-house and network team of embroidery design digitisers around the world can create your business or organisation logo perfectly replicated in stitches to let your branding ‘pop’.

Nothing says class more than a beautifully embroidered logo.

With the ability to manipulate your logo with a combination of Tatami, Run & Satin stitches, your logo comes to life with beautiful colour rendering, 3D stitch effects, curves and planes to create a vibrant reflection of what could be a flat image if done in print.

We would love to demonstrate to you how your business branding can enhanse your image by creating your logo in brilliant stitch images.

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Arn Betteridge is the manager of Signature Workwear. The industrial work wear division of the Signature Clothig Pty Ltd group of businesses. With over 45 years experience in industrial engineering in a vast array of industries from power generation, petrochemical, metal smelting & mining. I have an intimate understanding of all things workwear & PPE. It's that experience from test driving all of our product lines that ensure only the products that meet our strigent design, quality, value & ethical & sustainable production guidelines are represented on this website for sale.

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